The Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Audits

Propelics developed AuditHere — our mobile auditing app for the Enterprise—to help businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their audits by transitioning from messy old paper-based processes to mobile. The benefits of mobile audits are many. Whether you’re a retail store tracking performance, a construction site concerned with safety or a plant dealing with regulatory compliance, chances are your company will profit from the switch.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.50.25 PMFirstly, we designed the audits to be User-Centric, minimizing the number of required taps throughout the application and providing option lists where appropriate in order to eliminate the need for typing. Additionally, users may proceed through a workflow allowing them to review their responses before submitting. By designing AuditHere with your employees in mind—making their work easier—you’ll experience dramatically increased user-adherence and satisfaction.

Are your current audit questions and formats well organized? Are you capturing structured data in a consistent manner? Does your current process ensure you focus on the audit outcome, the reports and actions that followup? Can you rephrase questions to accept Yes/No values instead of a description? Can you rephrase questions (while maintaining their meaning) to enable a selection of items from a list? Doing so will produce more structured data ripe for analysis in reports. This effective survey setup and planning will pay dividends in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.50.04 PMYet another key benefit of mobile auditing is it provides Powerful Logic. Paper-based surveys are long and challenging. But they don’t have to be. Often, not all questions are required; some may be conditionally required. With a mobile audit, admin can set questions (and even entire sections) to appear conditionally, creating a more ‘approachable’ survey for employees—while still capturing critical info needed for more complex scenarios. For example, in a retail setting the audit might ask if the store is dirty. If the answer is “Yes,” the app follow-up with questions about the condition of specific locations in the store. Conditional questioning is especially useful in identifying trends and areas of improvement.

Paper-based audits are cumbersome and compiling the results can take forever. They tend to get lost in the shuffle, especially if your employees are distributed across the country and on job sites. Besides which, nobody enjoys using a fax machine anymore. Best yet, mobile audits are Instant and Actionable. Surveys are uploaded to the cloud the second an employee taps Submit. Results can be shared with colleagues and instantly analyzed in a report, enabling your company to immediately utilize the data to inform and facilitate the decision-making process. Don’t be left behind making decisions based-on yesterday’s info. Only the power of mobile can provide the speed and efficiency modern business demands.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 3.50.10 PMGiven their structured nature, mobile audits can be scored and each response stored to a cloud database. Doing so enables the tracking of scoring trends across time, region or other factors. Regional Managers can visit the highest-performing stores and gather best practices to apply to their own Regions. Are there safety issues that need attention? What is the general safety performance trend?

In addition, ensuring Secure data is extremely important, especially in regards to operational and employee performance. Containing the info to a mobile device ensures it is stored and transmitted securely. Past survey history is protected via integration with your company network login. Don’t lose paper audits and risk exposure. Keep it all in one place, secure and redundant.

Propelics is proud to offer AuditHere to address the mobile auditing needs of the Enterprise. Feel free to reach out to learn more.

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