Top 5 reasons bitcoin is a cancer

A well-meaning cancer, but a cancer nonetheless.

And I’m not speaking metaphorically here, either. I mean Bitcoin is literally a cancer foisted upon the world. Think I’m talking crazy? Okay.

First-off, let’s review how cancer works: cancerous cells are those that start off as regular cells but then their DNA mutates for one reason or another. And once that happens, the cells go crazy. They stop regulating their own growth and proliferate throughout the body. This is exactly the case with Bitcoin. And I don’t mean to suggest that Bitcoin is proliferating as a currency—that it’s becoming more mainstream—because that might be a good thing. And I’m not talking about Blockchain either, the technology Bitcoin relies upon, though in this recent episode of my podcast, Device Squad, my guest, former Bitcoin Armory Engineer, Andy Ofiesh asserted Blockchain has zero application to the enterprise due to its inherently cumbersome nature.

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