VMworld Europe 2013 announcements

Horizon View 5.3

  • New VMware vSAN (in beta) will be included with Horizon Suite:
    • vSAN is the storage part of VMware’s Software Defined Data Center.   It use a local SSD read/write cache to front end slower SATA/SAS disks.  
    • Since vSAN is included in Horizon Suite the only cost to create a Horizon View SAN is the hard disks.   Here is an overview of the costs to implement a 12TB usable vSAN with Horizon View:
    • The cost savings of using a vSAN instead of a separate physical SAN will enable customers to consider using persistent desktops
  • vCops for View desktops is included in Horizon Suite.   vCops for View previously required a separate license.   This will give detailed performance and capacity insights to View implementations.


VMware’s NSX is now generally available.  NSX is the networking part of VMware’s Software Defined Data Center.   NSX is software that will virtualize the network and will deliver the entire networking and security model from L2 through L7 in software.  The platform decouples the network from the underlying hardware, yet takes advantage of the existing network infrastructure without changes to enable new levels of service delivery speed, agility and cost reductions.

vSphere Data Protection Advanced 5.5

  • New vDPa replication: vDPa 5.5 can replicate to remote vDPa appliances.
  • New Microsoft SharePoint agent: Provides application-consistent backup and recovery for SharePoint.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Exchange agent: Allows recovery of individual mailboxes
  • VDPa 5.5 costs $1095 per CPU

vCloud Automation Center 6.0

VMware announced vCAC 6.0 with an expected release of November 2013.  
This is a major release for vCAC with the folllowing enhancements:
  • New vApp/Install process - In the past vCAC had not been the easiest product to install.  vCAC 6.0 addresses this pain point.  6.0 moves the non-Windows related parts to a vApp.  This vApp will also assist with the Windows installation piece.
  • New Advanced Service Designer:  Wizard-driven service designer that allows administrators to define service request forms, configure governance policies and automate the delivery workflow of custom IT services.  These services can be published in the vCloud Automation Center catalog along with other application and infrastructure services.
  • Dynamic configuring of NSX Network Services: New in this release, vCloud Automation Center can dynamically configure and tear down NSX logical services as needed to deliver a secure and scalable application infrastructure on demand.