Wearables in the Enterprise – Innovation Session

Wearables – Moving Beyond the Hype

What are other businesses planning and doing in the wearables space?

How can wearables benefit your business?

How do you get started with a wearables use case?

What’s going on with the wearable technology landscape and how does it fit into your IT Roadmap?

The Propelics Wearables in the Enterprise Executive Innovation Session is designed to help IT and Business leaders wrap their heads around wearables technology and the potential for near-term impact in their business. In a collaborative environment with mobile experts and practitioners, you’ll learn how to harness your team’s energy and effectively tap wearables as a vital source of innovation, differentiation, and growth.

Each step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and has a set of well defined activities associated with it. However, we take into account the unique needs of each situation to tailor this methodology for each engagement.

Innovation Session Details: Wearables in the Enterprise

This innovation session will help you begin ideation and definition of valuable use cases for wearables in your business. The Propelics team will facilitate and discuss:

The Art of the Possible:
The art of the possible for wearables in your business: Propelics will share real world and planned use cases across industries
Move Beyond the Hype:
Ideation and concept generation for implementable wearables use cases for your business
Define the Benefit:
Key metrics and business drivers to justify a wearables investment
Understand Roadblocks:
Typical challenges associated with wearables adoption
Prioritization of initiatives based on value, readiness, and implementation complexity
Define Dependencies:
Technical dependencies for a wearables pilot implementation

Get Going

Don’t let the mobile revolution leave you behind. The Propelics Wearables in the Enterprise Executive Innovation Session will provide a roadmap to get you where you want to go – fast.

The Wearables Executive Session is 3 days and available on or off-site. Contact us at info@propelics.com to get started.

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