Why we are sticking with the iPad, for now
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Why are we sticking with the iPad?

A question we have received more than once from some of our early clients and prospects is

“Why do we focus solely on the iPad and not other tablets that have emerged over the last year like the Blackberry Playbook, the HP TouchPad, the Motorola Xoom, or the Samsung Galaxy?”

This is a reasonable question, one we have written about before in other blog posts like my recent one on iPad Domination .

For us, the answer is quite simple. No other vendor has emerged, yet, that can take on the iPad. In fact, John Moe from the Marketplace Tech Report wrote an article this morning that for the most part sums up our position. He states that “2011 was supposed to be the year all sorts of non-iPad tablets flooded the market and gave Apple some real competition. Hasn’t worked out that way.”

We tweeted yesterday on the news that Best Buy has been unable to push the HP TouchPad, taking delivery of 275,000 of the tablets and only selling 25,000.  Arik Hesseldahl wrote a good article about this topic in which he states that “Best Buy, sources tell us, is so unhappy that it has told HP it is unwilling to pay for all the TouchPads taking up expensive space in its stores and warehouses, and wants HP to take them back. HP, for its part, is pleading with Best Buy to be patient.”

HP is slated to report quarterly earnings today.

Dan Frommer reported yesterday that Microsoft, with their potential tablets based on Windows 8, may be the next real competitor to Apple and the iPad. He states that given all the weak sales from the competition, ” the no. 2 slot in the tablet market is still wide open, and might even be open a year from now”. Microsoft might very well emerge as a player in the tablet space, but for now, hands down, it’s the iPad.

iPad for now

For now, the iPad has the best user experience, the most applications, the most momentum in the tablet space. Businesses are starting to make real progress on iPad use cases to increase revenue and decrease operational costs. Our iPad for Business Primer discusses some of these emerging use cases. With the ease of use and great user experience, we are placing our bet on the iPad as a game changing device for forward thinking businesses.

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