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VAI and its customers operate in a highly controlled environment that requires constant air-quality and surface-sterility monitoring. Within this sterile environment, sealers, precision scales, high-end cleaning devices, and equipment carts are used to ensure pharmaceutical regulations are met. Additionally, they’re subject to strict operating procedures around their introduction into the lab environment, calibration, and preventive maintenance.

Tracking the location of these prohibitively expensive devices as they move across large campuses, from lab to lab, proved to be a very difficult process. Machines would often be misplaced for long periods of time, causing them to miss critical maintenance procedures. In some worst-case scenarios, devices failed to be located and were lost altogether.

“Customers were spending an enormous amount of time just trying to locate the equipment, which caused them to use twice as many resources as needed,” said Veltek CTO, Doug Paradis. VAI realized the industry needed a way to easily track and locate equipment, as well as to automate the documentation process and eliminate manual Excel procedures.

Anexinet did an outstanding job through the entire process to manage priorities and develop the application features. Teams from both organizations worked closely together to make sure we were building a compliance-based solution that met all of our needs.”

— Doug Paradis, Veltek CTO

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To automate their processes, alleviate compliance issues, and minimize the frustration and time wasted tracking down missing equipment, VAI turned to Anexinet to partner on the digital components of the overall solution.

Veltek devised the Core2Scan system, a hardware and software solution that tracks the physical location of mobile assets (machines) and automates the maintenance-documentation process. Veltek chose Anexinet as a key partner for the computer-based and web-based application which provides RFID tracking, tagging, and scanning, supported by a cloud-based infrastructure.

RFID tags placed on mobile equipment send signals to a scanner which, in turn, sends “check-in” and “check-out” information to a data hub in the cloud. This process is tracked to a facility map that records and displays the exact location of each machine.


The net result was the creation of an RFID tracking system and automated maintenance documentation process that could also be white-labeled and sold to VAI’s customers.

There’s no margin for error when it comes to clean rooms and lab environments. Ensuring accountability and cleanliness—as well as documenting machines are functioning properly, and guidelines are followed—is paramount. To ensure these criteria are met, Core2Scan alerts users whenever a piece of equipment needs recalibration, then automatically updates the relevant scheduling and documentation via the cloud.

Scientist and microscope

About the Client

Veltek holds over 135 US and International Patents; products from VAI’s four divisions build upon each other, making the company a full-circle, single-source supplier adept at addressing any pharmaceutical or biotechnology contamination control requirement.

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Anexinet transforms businesses and modernizes architecture to meet today’s real-time demands. From intelligent, full-stack engagement and enablement strategies and solutions to modern, secure infrastructure products and services, we help companies worldwide solve their most complex challenges by delivering award-winning digital applications and the infrastructure to run them on. Our twenty-year record of client success springs from a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence.

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Address: 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 300, Blue Bell PA, 19422
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