Cloud & Hybrid IT

Boost performance and security, on-premises and in the public cloud.

Whether public or private, modern, distributed cloud-centric architecture is changing the way today’s infrastructure is designed, built, and run. Anexinet helps companies embrace the core tenets of automation, standardization, scalability, and agility whether in the public cloud or in your on-premise datacenter. Anexinet helps solve your most complicated modernization challenges—building modern, enterprise-class infrastructures to make every digital experience remarkable.

Anexinet ensures your engagement, analytics, and end-to-end infrastructure work flawlessly together to facilitate a rock-solid experience every time.

Cloud Enablement

Elevate your organization to new heights with a cloud adoption strategy.

Whether you’re just starting to investigate the world of cloud technologies, or you've embraced DevOps and agile methodologies, Anexinet is here to help you build a cloud strategy and roadmap that aligns with your business requirements.

The Cloud gives your organization the flexibility to scale, enables faster deployments, and enhances security all while optimizing overall costs. But with great power comes great complexity. Embracing the cloud can seem a daunting task for the most mature of organizations. Having a solid grasp on cloud concepts and a roadmap for adoption can mean the difference between a successful cloud deployment and a failure to launch.

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Cloud Strategy Kickstart

Develop your ideal cloud adoption strategy in just two weeks

Adopting the cloud is a great way to reduce operational costs, streamline operations, and boost revenue. But to avoid the usual pitfalls, vital issues around security, cost, management and more must first be addressed.

What Are Kickstarts?

We offer our services in unique, bite-sized engagements called Kickstarts, to help get your digital initiatives off the ground—quickly, easily and without risk.

Our Cloud Strategy Kickstart addresses these concerns by taking a holistic view of your business and technical requirements and following a rapid three-phase approach to help you develop your ideal cloud adoption strategy, custom-tailored to propel you and your organization to greater success. All in two short weeks.

Our Cloud Strategy Kickstart:

  • Assesses your existing environment for readiness and dependencies
  • Gauges your technical maturity across nine criteria
  • Determines your business and technical priorities and requirements
  • Prepares your strategy for Cloud adoption
  • Develops a Roadmap for moving your cloud strategy forward

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Choose Your Adventure

Cloud Migration Assessment

No matter where you're at in your cloud migration, there's always room for better performance

Anexinet Solutions on AWS

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Anexinet Solutions on AWS

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Anexinet has the skills to deliver AWS solutions across a wide range of capabilities. Whether you’re developing cloud native applications, migrating traditional applications, or moving your infrastructure to the cloud, we have the experience to ensure your success.

Solutions include:
· Cloud Strategy Workshop
· Governance and Security Assessment
· Architecture Design Workshop
· Application Migration Assessment
· Build and Deploy
· Operations and Continuous Improvement
· AWS Well-Architected Framework
· Cloud Adoption Assessment
· Automation and DevOps
· Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery on AWS

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AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework identifies best practices and core strategies for architecting systems in the cloud. At Anexinet, our AWS Certified Cloud Architects use the Well-Architected Framework as a guide for evaluating systems against established best practices and identifying where remediation is needed to meet best practices.

How does your cloud infrastructure stack up across the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework?

· Operational Excellence
· Performance Efficiency
· Reliability
· Security
· Cost Optimization

See how your organization can benefit from a Well Architected Review.

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Cloud Insights

Are you sure you’re getting the most from (and paying the least for) your public cloud? Anexinet's Cloud analysts provide new visibility into the details of your Public Cloud billing. Further, our Cloud Insights service optimizes your cloud performance and reduces costs up to 23% with personalized insights and recommendations. Plus, the service improves governance, and enhances cloud security provide welcome peace of mind.

Anexinet's Cloud analysts give your organization visibility into the details of your Public Cloud billing to optimize costs, improve governance, and enhance security, boosting revenue and providing welcome peace of mind.

Cloud Insights helped a leading manufacturer gain visibility into their public cloud spend, reducing the monthly cost of one of their most expensive projects by 38%!

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CMaaS (Cloud Management as a Service)

Anexinet securely and seamlessly manages your private or public cloud (and hybrid solutions) with 24/7/365 support.

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Disaster Recovery

Every hour of lost access to data and critical systems is costly and detrimental. Studies have shown that as few as eight hours of downtime can cost upwards of $500k. Nearly every company that lost its data center for ten or more days due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within a year, and 60% of companies that lost their data shut down within six months.

Updating your Recovery Plan is a solid investment that will payback in spades when disaster strikes.

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Disaster Recovery
Strategy Kickstart

Upgrade your Disaster Recovery Plan today to weather a disaster tomorrow.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of the true dangers of data loss. A disaster may strike at any time and damage your company’s reputation—or worse. And without a solid, up-to-date plan in place, your business may never recover.

Our DR Strategy Kickstart provides a detailed single-application plan along with a high-level tactical roadmap and recommendations to move your DR program forward.

All in just three short weeks.

Ultimate Recovery Checklist Icon

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

How confident are you about your Disaster Recovery Plan?

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DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Name a business that doesn't need to keep its apps and data safe and accessible during periods of downtime. You can't. Every organization must be able to recover to normal working conditions as quickly as possible from downtime due to power outage, natural disaster, malicious attack,or human error. 

Robust business continuity solutions are cost prohibitive to implement, however. Even companies that already have disaster recovery processes in place for critical applications may find it burdensome and costly to protect all workloads. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service will help you navigate the complexities of DR to find the ideal solution for your organization. 

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BRaaS (Backup and Recovery as a Service)

Many businesses turn to the cloud to keep pace with the vast amount of data they backup and archive. Whether you are seeking near-zero data loss, need to retain data for long periods of time, or are looking to comply with industry requirements, today's modern cloud provides a no-brainer alternative to traditional tape backups, which are inefficient, error-prone, and cost prohibitive to scale.

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Infrastructure Automation

Automation is not a destination, it’s an approach to technology that helps drive successful outcomes. The rise of cloud environments introduced tremendous scale that existing IT teams could no longer manage through manual processes. Agile and DevOps practices are becoming the norm in Enterprise IT, with the expectation that deployments are rapid, consistent, and repeatable.

Fortunately, infrastructure can now be approached in a software-defined way using automation to ease administrative burdens, accelerate deployments, and make your environment more consistent and predictable.

Anexinet has the insight and experience to help you achieve your goals with the automation toolsets that best fit your environment.

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IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Anexinet consultants provide IT Operations and Support for critical infrastructure services, including storage, networking, monitoring, backup & recovery, user/patch management, and much more.

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Office 365 Migration & Adoption

While the benefits of moving to Office 365 are many, laying-out a comprehensive plan beforehand is critical to ensure project success. Whether you’re upgrading from an older version of Exchange, Lotus Notes, or transferring data from tenant to tenant, a seamless, secure migration is key to minimizing disruption.

Office 365

Office 365 Migration Tip Sheet

Case Study: Water Co

A regional water company engaged Anexinet to assist in migrating 7,000 users from Lotus Notes to Office 365.

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Case Study: Healthcare

Anexinet was engaged by a large Healthcare client to assist them with their Office 365 migration.

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Office 365 Migration Kickstart

Prepare your organization for a successful Office 365 migration.

Preparing a solid strategy ahead of time, optimizes and accelerates your migration while avoiding the usual risks, letting you maintain productivity and realize fast gains on initial investment.

Anexinet takes a holistic, best practices approach to Office 365 migration that optimizes performance and encourages adoption through training. Our consultants guide you through the migration lifecycle, steering you around potential pitfalls to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our Office 365 Migration Strategy Kickstart:
• Enables process efficiencies on day one
• Enhances and strengthens your security organization
• Assesses the preparedness of your infrastructure
• Generates an Office 365 Adoption Roadmap

All in just two short weeks.

Office 365 Data Security & Management

Security is a top concern for organizations using the cloud. When it comes to managing your cloud resources, identity and access are key to security. Users access your organization's resources from a myriad of devices, apps and locations. As a result, focusing solely on who can access a resource is no longer sufficient. To optimize the balance between security and productivity, an organization must also consider how each resource is accessed. Conditional Access, an Azure Active Directory capability bundled with a Premium license, addresses this need, enabling automated, condition-based access control.

Intune enhances this capability by adding mobile device compliance and mobile app management to the solution. Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for maintaining productivity while protecting corporate data by controlling employee access to applications and data on virtually any platform or device. Intune is used to grant conditional access to the devices and apps that connect to your email and company resources.

Intune enables your organization to:

  • Manage access to company data on workforce devices
  • Manage mobile workforce applications
  • Protect data by managing distribution and access
  • Ensure compliance with security requirements.
  • Integrate with Azure Info Protection and Active Directory for security, identity and access control.

Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart

Anexinet’s approach to Office 365 data security and management optimizes performance and ensures a successful Conditional Access Management plan when migrating to Office 365.
Our breadth of knowledge, experience, and industry partnerships have enabled us to fine-tune our approach to securing O365. Anexinet’s consultants guide you through the security lifecycle while avoiding potential pitfalls to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our Office 365 Data Security & Management Kickstart:

  • Assesses your existing Office 365 environment
  • Determines your appropriate security settings, device versions, etc.
  • Reviews security requirements and standards
  • Explains Office 365 data protection and secure access rules for apps, PCs, mobile devices, and unmanaged devices
  • Sets up Office 365 device and app-based Conditional Access rules

Office 365 Service Center

From inception to day-to-day management, Anexinet offers full migration support to Office 365, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams. We will custom design your environment to meet company requirements and provide administration and management services so you're not left hanging out in the cold.

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Identity Modernization Management

Identity & Access Management (IAM) Modernization Assessment

Since 80% of security breaches result in the theft of privileged user credentials, modernizing your Identity/Privileged Access Management (IAM & IPA) should be a top priority.

We'll assess your IAM goals, policies, and processes to provide the strategic plan and business justification for strengthening, maturing and modernizing your Identity Management Program.

Anexinet enables your company to engage customers at each digital touchpoint through intelligent, contextual experiences that fuse innovative design with the latest technology and analytics.

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