About Anexinet​

Everyone deserves a great digital experience.

Anexinet customers benefit from our holistic approach—from engaging front-end interactions to dependable back-end solutions, all informed by data-driven insights. Because truly great digital experiences rely on the smooth operation of all interconnected elements: beautiful front-end applications, modern distributed architecture, private/public cloud, Dev/Ops and Agile/SAFE processes, and data-driven insights. We call this the Complete Digital Experience.

Some companies focus on design. Others handle your infrastructure. And then there’s Anexinet.

Welcome to Anexinet.

This isn’t our first go-round. We’ve been a strong global presence with solid financial backing for nearly two decades. So no matter your issue, Anexinet can help. There’s nothing our 300+ employees haven’t seen before.

Customer Engagement:
Experience is everything. And everyone deserves a great one. Anexinet builds next-generation customer engagement experiences, brought to life with gorgeous design to support your intelligent, omni-channel applications. Let Anexinet create amazing, contextual digital experiences for your customers that deliver the information your users need the moment they need it, and keep them coming back time and time again.

Enterprise Mobility: Mobile apps transform businesses in ways once unimaginable, but when poorly managed, they often wind up wasting time and draining resources. Our recent acquisition of Propelics means your organization can finally hop aboard the enterprise mobile bandwagon and give your team a great mobile experience in the form of gorgeous, intuitive, internal-facing mobile apps that streamline business processes for happier, more productive employees.

Cloud & Hybrid IT: Whether public or private, modern, distributed cloud-centric architecture is changing the way today’s infrastructure is designed, built, and run. Anexinet helps companies embrace the core tenets of automation, standardization, scalability, and agility whether in the public cloud or in your on-premise datacenter. Anexinet helps solve your most complicated modernization challenges—building modern, enterprise-class infrastructures to make every digital experience remarkable.

Analytics & Insights: The only way to improve upon an already great digital experience is by capturing and acting upon user sentiment. Make your data work for you by using it to inspire insights, inform decisions, and facilitate action. Over the last two decades, we’ve helped countless clients end the guesswork and let the data drive. Collaborate with our consultants to transform your company into a data-driven decision-making organization to reduce operational costs, increase revenues and mitigate risk.

Anexinet ensures your engagement, analytics, and end-to-end infrastructure work flawlessly together to facilitate a rock-solid experience every time.

Building digital experiences that are elegant, simple & engaging

Turning data into information that drives insights, decisions & action

Build a cloud adoption strategy that makes sense for your business