Customer Engagement

Simple. Beautiful. Intelligent.

We design, build, run and measure digital applications that increase customer lifetime value.

Engage with your customers through intelligent digital experiences, powered by Anexinet platforms and services.

Intelligent Omni-Channel Applications

Anexinet has raised the bar for omni-channel experiences. Our custom applications fuse innovative design with advanced technology and analytics, empowering customers in amazing new ways.

  • Beautiful UX for emotional connections
  • Ambient availability (anytime, anywhere, non-intrusive)
  • Consistency and seamless continuation
  • Empowering choice (preference, situation, use case)
  • Intelligent, personalized, contextual
  • Responsive and proactive capabilities

Mobile Experiences

Anexinet is a world class mobile solutions company.

Native Apps

Create apps your customers know how to use by leveraging their mobile device’s native operating system. Use built-in capabilities of iOS and Android. Better UX. Greater performance.

Hybrid Apps

Deploy a cross platform app that works on both iOS and Android. Benefit from rapid development getting you to market faster and lowering costs.

Mobile Customer Self-Service

Take advantage of the top communication channel for many customers. With immediate, convenient, and simple engagement.

Managed Services

Develop, manage, and enhance your mobile apps all as-a-service. Our flexible and on-demand team can keep pace with your continuingly evolving digital business.

Internet of Things

Changing the way we live and work.

The Internet of Things has opened up a world of possibilities for you to use data to reinvent aspects of business. Let’s interact on a whole new level.


Connect your world with intelligence devices, such as digital displays & kiosks, wearables, and appliances that capture and react in real-time. Track customer behavior dynamically to influence action.

Digital Displays & Kiosks
Wearables & Consumer Products

Sensors & Beacons

Embedded connectivity for real-time insight on your industrial machines, vehicles or anything with logs, geo or activity data. Beacon technology is a tiny computer equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), that broadcasts radio signals to exact responses from apps on in-range smart devices, such as notifications or other actions for unlimited possibilities.

Industrial Machines
Consumer Products
Component Sensors & Beacons

IoT Integration

Integrate massive amounts of your IoT data to cloud/big data platforms and storage to glean insight and tailor advertising, generate mobile notifications, and use with operational systems.

Data Ingestion & Big Data Storage
Mobile App Integration
Cloud or On-Premises
Real-time Access

IoT Analytics

Utilize big data platforms and machine learning to analyze the vast amount of data collected from a myriad of “things”. Adapt your tactics and business strategy to a constantly changing world.

Performance & Risk Monitoring
User Personalization
Tailored Marketing

Customer Engagement Maturity Assessment

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Steve Tranchida

Steve Tranchida

Vice President of Digital Solutions

Design and build digital experiences that increase value acceleration and deliver convenience, simplicity, and personalization to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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