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Establishing a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) will help your organization avoid fragmented mobile projects and rogue apps. With an MCOE in place, your company can begin to embrace mobile holistically, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance and meet cross-organizational goals.

In this Kickstart, we’ll identify the charter, scope, reach and structure of your organization’s MCOE. This includes the development of standards and governance along with a framework for organizing, managing and championing your mobile solutions.
Alternately, we will evaluate your company’s existing MCOE and provide an optimization-roadmap to ensure your center is running efficiently and in-keeping with current best-practices.

During the Kickstart, Anexinet Strategists will work with your team to determine your readiness, define the requirements, and build a vision for your organization’s Mobile Center of Excellence.

Beyond just enumerating the components of a Center of Excellence, the Anexinet team provides a realistic tactical roadmap for MCOE creation based in part on the maturity of your company’s employees, process, and technology.

This Kickstart is just as valuable for clients large enough to require several internal Centers of Excellence as it is for those just starting out—by reinforcing the necessary MCOE components and generating the short and long term roles and responsibilities of the new Mobile COE. Further, this Kickstart clarifies the differences between a Mobile COE and existing COEs within the organization, in terms of structure, components, and reach.

This Kickstart represents the first phase in building a steady-state MCOE for medium-to-large organizations.

Additional phases may be executed independently by your team or with Anexinet’ assistance, acting as either a “resource repository” (for best practices, standards, tools, and templates), a “coach” (providing expertise and oversight), or a “COE Manager” (handling mobile governance responsibilities and/or the management of mobile projects).

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Our Approach

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1. Direction Setting and Scope Definition

A Center of Excellence is more than just the standardization of processes and tools. It’s a centralized body that ensures all mobile initiatives are in-keeping with the business’s larger objectives. In this first step, the team gains an understanding for your organization’s goals and defines the MCOE scope most appropriate for your company.

2.Current State Maturity Assessment

Centers of Excellence are not “ivory towers” but hard-working teams coordinating efforts to bring about change. Due to unrealistic expectations, however, many COEs are doomed to eventually fail. Our approach ensures MCOE success by first gauging the maturity of supporting processes and prioritizing initiatives accordingly. Such supporting processes include strategy definition, information management, IT delivery & support, policy definition, project governance, UX standards, app architecture, development and MDM platform and SDLC processes.

3. Center of Excellence Vision, Objectives and Structure

Based on our scope and maturity estimations, the team then defines the organization’s mission and vision for the MCOE. Here the team catalogs short and long term goals and objectives, identifies critical success factors and determines the optimal structure necessary to make the client’s vision a reality.

4. Define MCOE Requirements Roadmap

After determining the desired state of your fully-realized MCOE, the next step is to understand the best way to get there. Our Tactical COE Roadmap organizes the people, processes and technology required for a successful COE by priority and project-phase.

5. Design Plan and Next Steps

The Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart concludes with the generation of materials to support the COE launch. The team develops a timeline timeline, assigns resources to the requirements roadmap, identifies quick wins and dependencies, and provides an overall plan for design, pilot and COE launch. Finally, the team delivers these materials plus costs for next steps in an Executive Readout.
By the end of the Mobile Center of Excellence Kickstart your team will be armed with a robust plan to build a world-class Mobile COE.

6. Planning & Budgeting

Based on the scope of work identified in previous steps, here we outline the detailed approach and the plan for implementation. This plan outlines the cost estimates, timelines and high-level work breakdown required to build the Mobile COE.

What you’ll get

Upon completion of this Kickstart you’ll take away the following artifacts:

Mobile Core Business Drivers

Through facilitated sessions across a wide range of business teams, Anexinet explores all use-cases for emerging technologies like Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), iBeacons and wearables in a Scenario Matrix that helps establish viability and prioritizes functionality based on business value, ease of implementation, and organizational readiness.

Mobile Core Bussines Driver image
Maturity Assessment image image

Maturity Assesment (Current Vs. Future State)

The Mobile Maturity Assessment Report Card is instrumental to building a successful Mobile Center of Excellence and lets the Anexinet team develop a solid understanding of your organization’s current mobile capabilities. Anexinet provides recommendations across 100 mobile maturity areas, including app delivery, web services & integration, network & security, business & technical policy, MDM/MAM, and end-user support.

Lastly, the assessment outcome is measured against our index of Fortune 1000 IT maturity results. Your team receives a benchmark score and an analysis of how your business fares against our Index Averages for similar companies.

Mobile Core Mission, Vision, Objectives

The mission of any well-conceived Mobile Center of Excellence is to enable business transformation through the use of mobile by ensuring consistency, control, coordination, and communication, within and across LOBs and IT.

Further, an MCOE facilitates proactive research, engagement and compliance with critical mobile standards, technologies and trends. Its timeline of influence extends from ideation to implementation to measurable impact. Adopting this actionable approach for mobile solutions streamlines business processes, eliminates redundancies and educates employees.

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Optimal Core Organization Structure

Based on our key findings, Anexinet provides a recommended Organizational Structure for your Mobile Center of Excellence that is custom-tailored to best suit your organization’s level of connectedness, established standards, maturity levels, security concerns and overall company readiness.

Mobile Center of Excellence Tactical Roadmap

The Mobile Center of Excellence Tactical Roadmap provides a detailed, phased approach to building your MCOE, noting critical elements and prioritizing each by business value, organizational readiness and ease of implementation while indicating short, mid and long-term steps to follow moving forward.

Mcoe Tactical roadmap image
Mobile Solution prototype image

Mobile Solution Prototype

We bring to life the highest priority mobile features identified in the Mobile Solution Portfolio. Our UI/UX designers assemble wireframes and quickly turn screen designs into a functional prototype that can be deployed immediately on any number of mobile devices. Prototypes validate process transformations and allow real-world mobile interaction.

A well-structured Mobile Center of Excellence is the cornerstone of any enterprise mobile strategy. Use the form below to learn more about this offer and to hear how Anexinet has helped companies similar to your own.

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises. We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate each specific engagement.

“We are experiencing rapid-growth, tracking to open 500 new stores…leveraging technology to help in this expansion process could deliver significant cost savings…Anexinet helped us create a comprehensive mobile strategy. They helped us to identify and leverage the huge opportunities mobile presents our business.”

Bill Lord, DVP IT, Architecture & Engineering, Family Dollar

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