Kickstart: Testing Strategy for Mobile

Prepare your team for the mobile testing arena.

Prepare your team for the mobile testing arena

Your company ready? Quickstart your Kickstart.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Despite having developed one or more Enterprise apps, many of our clients remain woefully unprepared to test their applications properly. It’s not that these companies don’t have testing teams. They do. They simply lack the processes, skills, tools, devices or resources necessary to get the job done effectively and efficiently when it comes to testing for mobile.

This Kickstart will score your current testing readiness and provide a prioritized, phased plan to close the gaps along with a Mobile Testing Roadmap to get you going. These guides ensure your team has the tools, processes, controls, and talents to confidently meet the challenges of testing for mobile apps and devices.

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If you’re suffering under the ever-increasing weight of devices, systems, apps or test-cases your company must support, now you can break-free of the mobile-testing quagmire. Anexinet’ Testing Strategy for Mobile Kickstart will ensure you deliver the highest quality apps to your employees, partners, and customers.

Our Approach

The Testing Strategy for Mobile Kickstart follows three key steps (typically over a few weeks):

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1.Benchmarking & Direction Setting

First we develop a thorough understanding of your organization’s current app and testing landscape and explore the company’s target focus areas and business drivers to rank your most relevant priorities. Lastly, we discuss various testing philosophies to determine which direction is most appropriate.

2.Current State Assessment & Recommendations

This step assesses your current Mobile Testing maturity and provides a guidepost for success. We study your existing app portfolio to better understand your company’s mobile vision, user base, and target devices to establish an OS alignment plan and a device/release strategy. Maturity Assessment Leveraging the Mobile Maturity Framework (Mobile Ranking and Mobile Report Card), this assessment provides a mobile testing maturity ranking and calls out those areas requiring special attention.

3. Testing Roadmap & Next Steps

We conclude with the generation of actionable steps presented in a comprehensive Mobile Testing Roadmap that encompasses people, process, and technology. This Roadmap prioritizes testing tactics by weighing business value against organizational readiness, and is based on the following qualifiers: criticality, complexity, and required effort.Our Executive Readout summarizes findings, recommendations, and next steps, and includes a Phased Plan which details recommended activities along with timeline, resource, and cost estimates to form a highly actionable mobile testing strategy.

Not one size fits all!

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises. We take into account our client’s unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate each specific engagement.

What you’ll get

At the end of this Kickstart, your team will be armed with a plan for implementing a revolutionary new technology. You’ll receive a final presentation that packages up these artifacts:

Mobile Testing Maturity Report Card

Instrumental to building a successful testing strategy, the Mobile Testing Maturity Report Card provides scores and recommendations across all major mobile testing categories, enabling the Anexinet team to develop a solid understanding of the client’s existing mobile testing capabilities.

Further, the assessment outcome is then measured against our index of Fortune 1000 IT maturity results. Your team receives a benchmark score and analysis helpful when measuring your mobile testing readiness against companies of similar size and market.

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Prioritized and Phased Mobile Testing Strategy Roadmap

The Anexinet team creates a Prioritized and Phased Mobile Testing Readiness Roadmap detailing projects and tactics necessary to achieve success.

The Roadmap articulates a detailed, prioritized tactical plan to advance your mobile testing maturity.

Short & Long Term Recommendations

The Executive Readout reviews key Kickstart-session findings, recommendations, and objectives, recaps our approach and 
provides an investment plan along with a phased timeline for 
future-state and next steps.

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“One thing we learned through this process is that during this time of mobile explosion, it’s very difficult to take [a] process and overlay it on mobile exactly as it is. Anexinet reminded us that… careful thought must be given to the user experience and design as well as simplicity of use.””

Subodh Mishra,Divisional VP, Family Dollar


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