Grow sales, reduce operating costs and ensure compliance with the AI & Machine Learning Platform that listens to every customer interaction

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Derive insights from every customer touchpoint using AI

Analyzes All Customer Interactions

Our ListenLogic platform allows companies to gather customer intelligence across contact center voice recordings, social media, email, surveys, text and more. 
Analyze your unstructured data with precision and facilitate action by consolidating customer channels into one central view.

Drive Better Business Outcomes

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Grow Sales

Increase sales conversion by identifying friction points along your buyer’s journey.
Gain a better understanding of sales conversations; discover what features and sales behaviors close new business.

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Ensure Compliance

Use AI and machine learning to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of fines.
Protect user privacy and monitor required compliance language, protected class interactions, and potential fraud.

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Drive Contact 
Center Efficiency

Understand how customers interact with your contact center to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Use natural language comprehension to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes and enhance resource coaching.

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Prevent Churn

Uncover the drivers for churn, dig deeper into the root causes of customer sentiment.
Stimulate personalized, intelligent engagement across all channels to prevent “at risk” customers from churning.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Listen to 100% of your customer interactions and automatically score overall customer experience.
Address common questions and resolve user experience and sentiment issues to improve overall customer satisfaction.

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Monitor Product Quality

Proactively monitor product-quality complaints from voice calls, social media, emails and chat. Catch issues, source your supply chain, and address consumer concerns early before matters grow worse and go viral.

Introducing ListenLogic 3.0

Turn your unstructured enterprise data into actionable insights. ListenLogic aggregates normalizes and enriches your Omni-channel feedback data so you can focus on developing insights. We created a DIY filtering language and classification engine so you can analyze your data with precision

ListenLogic Natural Language Features

Advanced Topic Extraction

Use natural language processing, machine learning or regex classifiers to identify topics across all data sources.

Entity Recognition

Identify entities and label by types such as person, organization, location, events, and products.

Sentiment Analysis

Identify and track user sentiment. Distinguish positive reactions from those that are negative or neutral.

Industry Dashboards

Address the most common use cases for sales, efficiency or compliance through pre-configured industry visualizations or create your own dashboards.

Classifier Library

Jumpstart your analysis by using off-the-shelf industry models to identify spam and categorize complaints, compliments or requests.

Data Connectors

Securely connect data to a variety of data destinations, e.g. a data lake or visualization tool.

On-Premise or Cloud

Utilize ListenLogic as either an on-premise application solution or accessed via cloud API.

Self-Service or Managed

Work directly on the platform or let us manage it for you.

Drive Insights from Unstructured Data
using NLP and Machine Learning

ListenLogic platform connects to a real-time feed of your customer feedback data, uncovers insights with a sophisticated data enrichment, filtering and classification engine, and provides data for analysis with the appropriate privacy protocol required by the data sources.

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Case Studies

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Increasing Contact Center Operating Efficiency

Leading national insurance company wanted to reduce contact center operating costs while improving customer satisfaction by analyzing customer voice calls, email and CRM in one single view.

Our Mobile Field Services Modernization Strategy Kickstart is your launchpad to a more effective Field Service team. Our Kickstart examines your daily processes and tools and identifies those that could be streamlined by a mobile solution.

Further, we assess your IT team’s readiness to support a mobile solution and identify and prioritize the tactical initiatives required to resolve any gaps. All in just five weeks.

Detecting Product Quality Issues

Global food manufacturer wanted to proactively monitor product quality issues by analyzing contact center voice calls, social media, email, chat and text in real-time.

Using ListenLogic platform, the client integrated five unstructured datasets—including CRM and supply chain data—into real-time dashboards, using voice-to-text and machine learning to capture customer sentiment and topics of discussion. This sensing system reduced detection times by 24 hours versus the client’s previous monitoring efforts. In one case, the system detected a supply-chain issue in the Midwest based on “freshness” complaints detected on customer service calls. The plant was temporarily shut down to recalibrate a packaging sealer at the facility and then returned online within 6 hours.

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