Analyzing Customer Interactions for Actionable Insights

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Watch this 30-minute webinar hosted by Mark Langsfeld, Smart CEO-Marcum’s Innovator of the Year, to learn how the latest advances in self-service customer intelligence analytics let business users with limited technical skill turn enterprise data into actionable insights.

Recent advances in AI, Machine learning, and Natural Language processing enable your organization to derive actionable insights from every customer touchpoint. In the webinar, Mark will demonstrate how to aggregate, normalize, and enrich your unstructured, omni-channel feedback data utilizing a DIY filtering language and classification engine to ensure precise data analysis.

This webinar will encompass:

  • Consolidating customer channels into a single view
  • Exploring the new ListenLogic AI Platform
  • Gaining a better understanding for your customers through AI
  • How Machine Learning helps boost sales, reduce costs and ensure compliance
  • The Democratization of Customer Interaction Data