Webinar: Growing Pains: Mobile Scaling the Right Way

Does your enterprise suffer from any of these mobile scaling pains:

  • Development teams straining to keep up with demand
  • Lagging performance with added users
  • Over-taxed backend services or systems
  • Help desk overwhelmed by user questions and complaints
  • Usability degradation frustrating users

If you haven’t experienced these problems already, don’t worry. You will.
…unless you watch our recent webinar, that is.

Mobile Scaling the Right Way

This invaluable webinar from Propelics and Appcelerator (now part of Axway) will provide comprehensive coverage of mobile scaling from all perspectives: app-specific, backend-specific, and DevOps/admin-specific. Further, we’ll discuss our recent successes and the effective solutions we’ve put in place.

It’s inevitable. At some point your organization will need to scale its mobile efforts. And opting for a one-off band-aid approach will only end up costing your company more to repair and replace in the long-term.

If your organization is preparing to scale its current mobile program, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Co-hosted by Propelics partner Larry Lauvray and Senior Director for Appcelerator’s Platform on Demand Business, Jon Bailey, this free webinar will discuss the top 3 mobile scaling considerations:

  1. Implementing reusable front and back-end technologies—facilitating consistent app development (while reducing cost) via Mobile App Development Platforms (MADP), scalable web services and API management.
  2. De-siloing the enterprise–building relationships between the Business, DevOps and IT, across IT departments, and with legal, compliance, and marketing.
  3. Scaling data & administration—adding devices, device-types, and platforms, addressing security concerns, leveraging extensibility and managing user support

Watch it now!

Download the presentation:


Larry Lauvray, Propelics Partner
Larry has the unique ability to translate product plans into industrial grade solutions while making sure that the details don’t get “lost in translation”. He has used his exceptional analytical abilities to separate hype from reality as he advises companies on execution plans for their product and program roadmaps.

Jon Bailey, Senior Director
for Appcelerator Platform On-Demand Business

Jon is the Senior Director for Appcelerator’s Platform On-demand business, which enables developers and enterprises to build and connect mobile apps. Previously at HP, he was responsible for product and solution marketing of HP’s application lifecycle and mobile solutions. Prior to joining HP, he was Vice President of Service Delivery for CACI, responsible for building enterprise web applications for national governments. He began his career at Accenture, where he managed software implementations for the mobile telecom sector.

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