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Infrastructure forms the bedrock on which all other technologies rely.  With the advent of cloud-centric architecture, both public and private, modern infrastructure is changing the way that technology is designed, built, and run.  Anexinet helps companies embrace the core tenets of automation, standardization, scalability, and agility in both the public cloud and their on-premise datacenter. 

Our mission is to help you build and operate infrastructure that will accelerate your success and enable tomorrow’s dreams.

We create right-sized technology solutions that leverage the best of on-premise technologies while scaling your infrastructure to the cloud. Through our expertise and deep relationships with leading technology partners, you can enable the most scalable, secure, elastic, and cost-effective IT to support your digital business initiatives.


Growing things organically may be good for food, but not for your enterprise class infrastructure. When you are ready to modernize your datacenter or make a move to the public cloud, it’s key to have a plan in place. Anexinet combines best of breed technologies with your unique business requirements to design an enterprise blueprint for success.


Modern infrastructure brings modern challenges when it comes to implementation. Anexinet can help you with all phases of execution, from designing the blueprints, to ordering the equipment, to implementing the design in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Take advantage of our world class architects and engineers to make your next deployment wildly successful.


Modern solutions require a modern skillset for day to day operations. Chances are your operations team is already working at capacity supporting the existing systems. Anexinet can help add additional capacity to assist with day-to-day operations. Whether it’s managing your new solution, or taking over operations of legacy systems to free up your team to learn and grow, Anexinet’s Customer Success Team is there to help you be more successful and achieve your goals.


Adopting a modern platform means new ways of measuring performance, capacity, and cost. Proper monitoring and governance creates a feedback loop to aid in planning and operations. The challenge is knowing what to measure and monitor to ensure your solution is meeting your customer’s needs. Anexinet can assist with proactive monitoring and analytics to keep your costs optimized and your solution highly available and performant.

Are you experiencing downtime or slower computing speed within your cloud environment? You may be affected by the latest CPU vulnerability.

Anexinet is conducting High Availability Health Assessments for all Azure and AWS customers. Find out if your cloud environment is affected.

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Ned Bellavance

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