Cloud Problems? We’ve got answers.​

Whether you are just starting to investigate the world of cloud technologies, or you've embraced DevOps and Agile methodologies, Anexinet is here to help you build a roadmap and strategy to reach the next phase of your journey. Ultimately, your cloud strategy must align with your business strategy. There's no sense building a solution that can go a million miles an hour if it’s going in the wrong direction. Our envisioning process takes a holistic view of your business and technical requirements to develop a cloud adoption strategy that propels you and your organization to achieve greater success.

Our Cloud Envisioning Process

During discovery, our digital architects will meet with your central IT team and key stakeholders within the organization to understand your strategic business goals and current infrastructure landscape. Our analysis process takes generalized best practices and coalesces them with Anexinet's extensive experience and your unique environment to create a cloud adoption blueprint empowering your success.

Anexinet's digital architects will present their findings, including a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption, a proposed project plan for implementation, and estimated costs of implementing the strategy. You are given an enterprise blueprint for cloud adoption that is both informative and actionable.

Discovery Phase

  • Initial Meeting
  • Organizational Discovery
  • Interviews
  • Environmental Discovery
  • Technical Discovery

Analysis Phase

  • Organizational Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Application Analysis
  • Compliance and Security
  • Roadmap Creation


  • Delivery of Strategy Document
  • Presentation with Key Stakeholders
  • Open discussion and determination of next steps

Envisioning the Cloud for any size

Anexinet offers different envisioning packages depending on your specific needs.



  • On-site interviews​
  • Environmental discovery
  • Analysis and presentation​
  • Cloud strategy deliverable​

2 weeks



  • On-site interviews​
  • Environmental discovery​
  • Migration analysis for two applications​
  • Analysis and presentation​
  • Cloud strategy deliverable​

3 weeks



  • On-site interviews​
  • Environmental discovery​
  • Migration analysis for five applications​
  • Analysis and presentation
  • Cloud strategy deliverable​

4 weeks

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