Cloud & Hybrid IT Services​

To maintain continuity and ensure reliability, today's large organizations seek-out a single trusted advisor to provide managed services and hybrid implementation. Because these days, we're not just talking about transforming IT, but transforming an entire business-even rewiring buildings to support new requirements, all while keeping the lights on.

So whether you need help managing your private or public cloud, formulating a Disaster Recovery plan or migrating to Office 365, Anexinet ensures you provide a great user experience every step of the way.

CMaaS (Cloud Management as a Service)

Anexinet securely and seamlessly manages private and public cloud and hybrid solutions with 24/7/365 support.

Cloud Insights

Anexinet's Cloud analysts give your organization visibility into the details of your Public Cloud billing, as well as optimizing costs, improving governance, and enhancing security to boost revenue and provide welcome peace of mind.

BRaaS (Backup and Recovery as a Service)

Many businesses turn to the cloud to keep pace with the vast amount of data they backup and archive. Whether you are seeking near-zero data loss, need to retain data for long periods of time, or are looking to comply with industry requirements, today's modern cloud provides a no-brainer alternative to traditional tape backups, which are inefficient, error-prone, and cost prohibitive to scale.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Name a business that doesn't need to keep its apps and data safe and accessible during periods of downtime. You can't. Every organization must be able to recover to normal working conditions as quickly as possible from downtime due to power outage, natural disaster, malicious attack, or human error.

Robust business continuity solutions are cost prohibitive to implement, however. Even companies that already have disaster recovery processes in place for critical applications may find it burdensome and costly to protect all workloads. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service will help you navigate the complexities of DR to find the ideal solution for your organization.

O365 Service Center

From inception to day-to-day management, Anexinet offers full migration support to Office 365, including Office Online, SharePoint Online, Outlook, and Dynamics CRM. We will custom design your environment to meet company requirements and provide administration and management services so you're not left hanging out in the cold.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Anexinet consultants provide IT Operations and Support for critical infrastructure services, including storage, networking, monitoring, backup & recovery, user/patch management, and much more.

Network Services

Anexinet offers ongoing networking support, including monitoring, firmware upgrades, traffic segregation, and site-to-site VPN connections to remote offices or into the cloud.

SQL DBA Services

Our SQL Database administration consultants will provide a detailed analysis of your current database, install upgrades, or design and implement new structures.

Virtualization Services

Organizations need the flexibility to embrace new technologies while managing existing business needs. Most businesses maintain on-premises virtualization platforms (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V) yet pressure IT to add agility, cut costs, and do more with limited resources. To meet this need, Anexinet provides system and network management that keeps your PCs, servers, and networks up and running, minimizing downtime to maximize productivity.

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