Anexinet is raising the bar for digital experiences. A great app is not enough. Multi-channel is not enough. Today’s customers demand highly intelligent, ambient digital experiences that blend seamlessly into their journey.

Our blueprint for crafting intelligent omni-channel applications is rooted in four key pillars:

Design Thinking

  • Align with the customer journey
  • Create emotional connections
  • Present friction-free experiences
  • Future proof the foundation

Perpetual Agility

  • Iterative design, build, run, and measure cycles
  • Advanced DevOps
  • Continuous improvement driven by analytics and feedback

Value Acceleration

  • Our Customer Experience Platform contains foundational components, enabling a focus on differentiating features unique to your business and accelerating time to market.

Intelligent Apps

  • Advanced analytics powered by ListenLogicTM personalize every experience
  • Smarter, contextual experiences

Customer Experience Platform (CXP)

Focus more on features and less on foundation.

Anexinet offers a full platform of foundational components to power the omni-channel experience.

  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Focus more on features, less on foundation.
  • Future-proof the platform, using modern best of breed components.

Customer Onboarding

Rapid and seamless registration process


Push notifications, alerts, SMS & email communications


Biometrics, data protection, SSO, and more

Feature Templates

Templates for common self-service features

Usage Analytics

Track, monitor and measure the experience

Customer Feedback

Offer in-app channels for real-time feedback


Power to configure and control the experience

Branding Engine

White label capabilities and flexible branding

Content Management

Create and manage digital content


Digital transactions and electronic payments on any device


Composable and modular back-end services moving data and driving features

Intelligent Actions

Personalized, contextual experiences via analytics

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