Digital Application Service Center

Great user experience isn't just about interface design. It's also about making sure everything is working as it should.

Anexinet helps companies support and maintain their software stack with best-of-breed technical and analytical toolsets and around-the-clock monitoring. Keep things up and running while revealing new insights that drive innovation and experience to even greater heights.

Application Monitoring

Tackle issues long before they become larger problems. Anexinet's 24/7 Application Monitoring keeps you proactive. Identify resource constraints, process bottlenecks, and performance anomalies, and visualize their impact on revenue and opportunity.

Application Service Center

If you rely on it, we'll support it. No matter if it's a web, mobile, or desktop app-even that pesky utility written 20 years ago that you can't live without. Anexinet's technologists are always on hand to keep your business moving forward.

Customer Insights

Your applications and data tell a story - we just have to listen. Anexinet will help you integrate with data analytic tools and machine learning to figure out what is working and what is not.

Content Management

Shift the burden onto our shoulders. Anexinet will perform your day-to-day content management tasks while proposing new opportunities to boost efficiency and accountability through consolidation, auditing, and portability.

BIaaS (BI as a Service)

No matter where your data lives, we will ensure it is accessible, integrated, and accurate. Anexinet's Business Intelligence as a Service maintains and extends scalable data warehouses, creates (and optimizes) ETL processes, and ensures effective, timely data delivery utilizing the very latest integration and reporting tools.

Customer Integrations

Anexinet assures customer satisfaction and cuts operational costs by empowering customers to customize their experience to suit their specific needs. Further, Anexinet leverages and integrates the necessary guidance, tools, and processes into your current software stack.

Data Visualization Service Center

Anexinet's Data Visualization Tools let clients search, consolidate, and visually analyze data to facilitate decision making. We'll develop and manage your dashboards along with the reporting of daily operations, trending and forecasting.

SharePoint Service Center

Whether you need roadmapping from a SharePoint Architect, require Administrators for SharePoint monitoring, supporting, and training, or seek Developers to extend the SharePoint capabilities of your enterprise application, Anexinet's consultants are on hand to help.

Business Productivity

Let Anexinet make your jobs easier! We'll assess your current state, make recommendations, engage personnel, perform implementations, and maintain or improve tool suites to streamline your teams' performance.

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