Join the Enterprise Mobile Evolution

Mobile apps transform businesses in ways never imagined but, when poorly managed, often wind up wasting time and draining resources. How to be sure you’re pursuing the ideal mobile strategy while keeping mobile initiatives in lockstep with business goals?

Simple. Kickstart it.

Our recent acquisition of Propelics means your organization can finally hop aboard the enterprise mobile bandwagon and provide internal-facing mobile apps that streamline business processes for happier, more productive employees—without leaving the security of your Anexinet seat.

Kickstarts are unique, bite-sized engagements to help get your mobile initiatives off the ground—quickly, easily and without risk. We offer 8 different Kickstarts, focusing on building an Enterprise Mobile Roadmap, App Scoping & Prototype, Mobile Center of Excellence creation, IT Strategy for Mobile, UI/UX Design and planning, Mobile Testing Strategy, for Emerging Technologies:


The Enterprise Mobile Roadmap Kickstart takes you from ideation to action-plan in as little as two weeks. Our strategists will flesh-out and prioritize innovative app ideas based on revenue creation, profitability, customer engagement and brand enhancement. We measure perceived app value against infrastructure, risk, and cost to produce a tactical App Roadmap fine-tuned for business benefit and user adoption.


From back-of-the-napkin to smartphone screen. This Kickstart provides a well-defined plan that combines business-need with a comprehensive implementation approach, identifying potential issues early-on to ensure a successful app strategy. Get your app off to a great start, with a functional prototype that can be instantly deployed on mobile devices. You’ve got a killer app idea. Now it’s time to make it fly.


Refresh your UX! The UI/UX Design Kickstart focuses on app design and interaction. Our architects and designers will help craft a superior user experience in just weeks. This Kickstart provides your organization with a design facelift or a redesign for new devices and platforms. Whether you’re just getting started in mobile, are looking to expand your company’s portfolio, or need to update designs to accommodate a new OS, this is the Kickstart for you.


The pursuit of mobile brings a unique set of challenges in terms of skills, competencies, tools, standards, methodologies, change management, and IT processes. Our IT Strategy for Mobile Kickstart addresses these and helps adapt IT to best support a thriving mobile strategy. This Kickstart assesses your readiness and provides a roadmap to ensure your IT Team has the tools, processes, controls, and talents necessary to build and support a thriving mobile business.


A Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) helps organizations avoid fragmented mobile projects and rogue apps. With an MCOE in place, your organization can embrace mobile holistically, mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and meet cross-organizational goals. This Kickstart identifies the charter, scope, reach, and structure of your MCOE. This includes the development of standards and governance along with a framework for championing your mobile solutions.


Despite having developed apps, many of our enterprise clients remain unprepared to test their applications properly. Our Mobile Testing Strategy Kickstart brings your testing team up to speed and ensures your organization has the tools, processes, controls, and talents to meet the challenges of mobile app testing. We’ll score your current testing readiness and provide a prioritized, phased plan along with an actionable Testing Roadmap to get you going.


Manual mobile app testing is time consuming, costly, and insufficient. The vast number of devices, OSs, updates and deployments makes it a losing proposition. Today, automating app regression testing is simply a necessity. For most organizations, however, finding the right mobile-specific testing automation strategy is a challenge. Propelics offers a two-step solution: a Mobile Testing Automation Kickstart followed by an Automated Testing Starter Pack.


We’re no longer designing just for user-types, now we’re creating custom experiences for moments in time. These days, end-users expect devices to provide info at exactly the moment they need it. This Kickstart is designed to help IT and Business leaders wrap their heads around new technologies like wearables, AI and AR to discover their potential value in building contextually-intelligent mobile apps and create exciting new user experiences.