Power-Up the AWS CLI


The AWS CLI is incredibly powerful, but it can be difficult to remember all the commands. There are 70+ top level commands and 2,000+ subcommands.


Turbo charge the AWS CLI with SAWS ( SAWS is a Python based extension that adds “intellisense” to your command-line. To get full use out of SAWS, it’s recommended that you use it in conjunction with the CMDER console emulator.


First, install Python from the Python Software Foundation.

Next, install CMDER. It is recommended that you run SAWS with CMDER. Even though SAWS will run inside the standard Windows CLI, CMDER adds some additional functionality and visualizations. CMDER can be installed from

After obtaining CMDER, install the AWS CLI from:

Finally, install SAWS from the CMDER window:

$ pip install saws

From the CLI prompt, simply run SAWS to enable the extension:

Once installed, you can start running AWS commands and SAWS will help you out with command syntax. You can, now, easily start building your commands!