Ready to make automation a reality for your organization?

As a leader in the technology space, it is our job to help evaluate and advise our clients on new and emerging technologies. One of the configuration management automation products that has grown rapidly, due to its impact, is Red Hat Ansible. Our belief that clients had interest in this product, was proven by the sold-out Red Hat Ansible workshop we recently hosted. It’s English like syntax and agentless approach to automation simplifies the ease of deployment and lets you get started quickly. In addition, there are numerous modules that are included, which help you automate your first task within minutes. After you’ve seen the power of Ansible, I’d encourage you to become a member of the Ansible community. Galaxy, Ansible’s “Official” online community center, contains thousands of roles(tasks) that you can leverage so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”.

While there are several tools for handling automation (Chef, Puppet, Salt, etc.), Ansible shines as the clear leader. Its ability to meet the needs of anything from automating a few simple system administrator scripts, to supporting the security and auditing of your enterprise servers (Windows and Unix/Linux), as well as a variety of networking platforms and modules. Ansible is open source and available for free, directly from Red Hat, which is another great reason for making it your enterprises automation tool of choice.

As your skills and playbooks grow, you can look to automate more complex scenarios as well as delegating tasks to support teams by implementing Ansible Tower. Stay tuned for our next blog, which will be more technical and focus on getting started with cloud automation.